Hi, I'm Jane

A storyteller at the core.

Even though, I tried to outrun my calling many times-writing doesn't pay the bill they say, right?--God has always gracefully brought me back on track.

Now I'm here, more passionate than ever to share important stories with the world.



I will bring you over a decade of experience in copywriting. Newsletters, blogs, brochures, and Bible plans are some of the things I have done. I enjoy working with businesses that add some joy to the world.

Faith-based content

When I was living in Canada, I started Borntofly.faith, a community and platform for Christian, early-stage solopreneurs. From the beginning, I've been pouring my love into words to encourage this community to pursue entrepreneurship with God. And I provide them with tips and resources for business through devotionals, blogs, newsletters, and the Born to Fly Podcast.


I have a huge passion for fiction. My goal is to write stories that are entertaining at first, but leave you with something to think about. 

The genre that works best for me to do this is: dystopian

I am the author of the Jels series, available in Dutch and English.

Jels and the Dowsing Rod

Jels and the Day of Justice

Who am I besides the writer and podcaster?

That's a lot about me, eh
I promise this is the last paragraph. I've lived in Canada for about 4,5 years and loved almost every second of it.
Not only did it bring me lots of experience in life, English speaking, and entrepreneurship, it motivated me to set up Born to Fly, write more often, and work on film sets.

But the best part?

I became a mother to a beautiful son, Judah.
And I've been doing life with my best friend and love, Ronald.